Entrance door

Entrance door

The central door is larger and framed by a red granite doorway. The creation of the Holy Door, a gift from Bavaria, is the work of the sculptor Friederichsen.

The Holy Trinity is engraved at the centre of the architrave, that lights up the world as God the creator, God the savior, God the Father. The symbols that distinguish it are: the eye of providence or the Father eye, the cross of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as a dove.

The doorway features high relief bronze biblical depictions. The shutters represent the stories of the life of Jesus in sixteen episodes, of which six are illustrated in high relief: the left shows his childhood, the flight into Egypt and the life in Nazareth while the right illustrates his public activities including the baptism, the Sermon on the Mount and the crucifixion.

Biblical figures from the old and new testament can be seen on the door jambs: on the left, Adam, Solomon, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Abraham, Elijah, Jeremiah, Samuel, Moses and David; on the right, Peter, Thaddeus, Matthias, Thomas, Simon, James, John, Bartholomew, Phillip, Andrew, Matthew, James son of Alphaeus. Jesus represents the union between the old and new.

The embossed copper side doors are decorated with biblical scenes from the Old Testament along with the figure of Christ as the Messiah.

Three scenes that recall the story of the salvation of Adam and Eve are represented on the left door, from the story of Noah and the great flood through to the sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham. On this door, referred to as "Adam’s", the facts that preceded the coming of Christ are displayed: God attempted to create an alliance with man in spite of the original sin.

The captions that surround the scenes are taken from the texts of the Old Testament.

The right door, in continuity with the left door, shows the excursus on the biblical figures, that cover the story of the salvation. Among the relief figures you can make out King David and Jonah, characters that directly relate to Jesus.

Entrance door