Abu al-Fida

Annales (1273-1331)

The basilica of Nazareth was systematically destroyed in 1263 by order of the Sultan Baibars. This was reported by the Syrian historian and geographer Abu al-Fida, known also for his participation in many military expeditions against crusaders, and to have regained his place as Prince of the Syrian city of Hama.

« During a stay on Mount Tabor, a detachment of his army came to Nazareth on command (by Baibars) and destroyed the church of this city. For Christians, Nazareth was one of the greatest places of worship as it was here that Christianity was born. »

Abulfedae, Annales Muslemici arabice et latine, opera et studiis Io. Iacobi Reiskii, Copenhagen 1789-1794.